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SouthOrd 13 Piece Pagoda Lock Pick Set - BPXS-12

SouthOrd 13 Piece Pagoda Lock Pick Set - BPXS-12


At the request of numerous customers, we have created a new line of lock picks – the SouthOrd Pagoda Picks. We extend a special thank you to those who assisted in their creation by expressing their ideas for design.

Manufactured from U.S.-made full-hard spring stainless steel, our Pagoda lock picks are run through an extensive deburring, polishing and cleaning process, which puts a radius on the edge of the picks and ensures a smooth finish.

Set include 8 Pagoda Lock Picks, 1 Offset Diamond Slim Line Pick and 4 Tension Tools in a quality snapover leather  case.

Pagoda Lock Picks are .022” thick.

0day Inc.

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